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Sampling of soil, soil air and nonaqueous media

Probenahme Boden
  • Geotechnical investigation with explanation and demonstration of the results of drillings and other outcrops according to DIN 4023

  • Extraction of soil samples by core piling

  • Extraction of soil samples by excavators according to DIN19671 and DIN19672

  • Sampling of soil conditions according to DIN ISO 10381

  • Sampling of ground air using a one-phase compact system of the GEO-data to be able to go down from 1 > 10m; extraction with a two-phase system is also possible!

  • Sampling of sludge and ground according to AbfKlärV

  • Sampling of waste oil according to AltölV

  • Sampling of treated and untreated biological waste according to BioAbfV