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Air Analysis

Exhaust Gases

  • Investigation of exhaust gases from remedial activity areas for volatile organic compounds
  • Interpretations according to TA Atmosphere


  • Investigation for the establishment of volatile organic compounds in soil pore spaces
    This includes all harmful compounds associated with relevant residual pollution substances connected with the following groups: Volatile organic Hydrocarbons from Methane, Ethane and Ethyl Benzene compound groups (VOC), aromatic Hydrocarbons from Benzene to C3-Methyl-Benzene (BTEX compounds) and other low evaporation point Hydrocarbons.
  • Establishment of the type of harmful substance and the order of magnitude of its concentration
  • Accompanying investigational analysis during remedial activities

Atmospheric Analysis in enclosed areas

  • Investigation and assessment of the quality of air in enclosed areas
  • Gefahrstoffmessung am Arbeitsplatz (MAK-Messung)
  • Hazardous substance assessment in working areas (MAC measurements)
  • Investigations for harmful substances of organic origin. The assessments are according to TRGS regulations