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Waste Products

  • Legislative rulings (Waste Products) according to the appropriate German Federal Study Group
  • Investigation of specific waste product disposal/recycling – whether the product can be stored, incinerated, processed or recycled.
  • Declarations analysis according to the “Requirements for the material reprocessing of residual mineral products/waste (LAGA)”
  • Investigations according to TA “Household Waste” Appendix B
  • Investigations according to TA “Waste” Appendix D
  • Investigation of Sewage solids products according to Sewage Solids Product Legislation
  • Recommendations and suggestions for Waste Disposal
  • Investigations as to whether a Waste Mineral Oil Product can be reprocessed
  • Investigation of Waste Mineral Oil Products according to the associated regulations for PCB’s and total Halogen contents.
  • Determination of the mineral oil fraction of an oil sample