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Water and Fluid Analysis

Drinking (Consumable) Water

  • Physical and chemical examinations according to the Consumable Water Statutes 2001

  • Routine examination
  • Periodical examination

  • Examination of consumable water from household water wells

  • Examination of consumable water for contaminants (e.g. Lead, Copper, Zinc, etc.), whose source may be found within the drinking water distribution network (household installations included).

Untreated Water

  • Examination for the consumption suitability of untreated water source

  • Investigation of ground water wells
  • Examination of filtrates obtained from the enclosing banks
  • Analysis of river filtrate
  • Water quality assessment


  • Examination of ground water and ground water monitoring
  • Examination of surface water
  • Examination of water used for recreational purposes
  • Investigation of consumable water for use as coolants, in boilers, etc
  • Assessment of pollution levels

Effluent Water

  • Primary fluid source Examination
  • Sewage plant monitoring
  • Examination of indirect or secondary sources according to the legislative requirements as defined by the secondary source regulations, effluent water regulations and local community statutes for effluent water
  • Investigations within the framework of the internal monitoring system of the organisation in question.
  • Investigation of water seepage
  • Assessment of the effect of water treatment plants
  • Assessment of the level of pollution