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Technical fluids


Frac – Fluids


Frac – Fluids are designed to enlarge and to extent (micro-)fractures in rocks and rock-formations in subsurface. The fracturing process is applied in deep boreholes in oil- / gas- exploration and production and for exploitation of geothermal energy with the aim to in-crease the porosity and permeability and finally to enhance the production rate of the well.




Glycols are binary alcoholic-compounds and are used predominantly as cooling liquid and anti-freezing fluid.

Mixed with water, glycols operate as energy transfer medium (heat carrier) in geothermal-energy-generation-circulation-systems. In deep boreholes, for example Triglycol is inserted for dehumidification and drying natural gas.


The parameter range for technical fluids, such as for example Frac-Fluids und Glycols:


  • Formiates
  • Acetate
  • Metals
  • Anions
  • EDTA
  • Alkali determination
  • Hydrocarbon distributions
  • Glycol content
  • Water content in organic liquids
  • Organic sum parameters
  • Various physical parameters