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Lab equipment


Extensive analysis devices are available to our laboratory in order to accomplish every analysis.


Analysis devices


  • Spectrophotometer UV/VIS


  • TOC/DOC – measuring device


  • AOX/EOX/POX – measuring device, column and vibration methods


  • atomic absorption spectrometer (flame technology) incl. 2 blowers air/acetylene N2O/air


  • atomic absorption spectrometer, graphite tube technology for trace analysis


  • hydride system to analyze arsenic and mercury


  • ICP with axial plasma, cross-flow- and ultrasonic atomizer


  • IR – spectrometer


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with /FI-/WL-detector for gas analytic


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with EC-/FI-/WL-detector, headspace sample injection


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with EC-/FI-detector, headspace sample injection


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with EC-/FI-detector/fluid sample injection


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with MS-detector/liquid-and headspace-sample injection


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with IRMS-detector/liquid-and headspace-sample injection


  • Ion chromatograph with conductibility detector, 2-canals for anions and cations and chemical suppression


  • HPLC with fluorescence- and diode-array-detector


  • Rock-eval 6-analyzer


  • LECO SC-144


  • Dimetoc 1000


  • Mass spectrometer Europa PDZ 2020


  • MAT 251



Onsite Analysis

  • IR-spectrometer in order to analyze hydrocarbons


  • Gas-phase chromatograph with EC-/FI-detector, Headspace- and fluid sample injection in order to analyze BTEX and LCKW